RV Industry: Protect the RV Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

18 Nov

I imagine that many if not all of you have been reading about and are aware of the issue of the mortgage interest deduction.

Please take a moment to read the below.  I hope and trust that you will not find this offensive or an intrusion.  If nothing else I hope you find it interesting.  This is an important issue to the RV and RV Rental Industry.

I received this message from the RVIA.  I took the action as requested, it is very easy and quick to do.

Who knows if this will do any good.  It cannot hurt!

For those of you who remember the tax code change and what the affect was of that on our industry you can appreciate the potential enormity of the issue here.


The second home mortgage interest is in jeopardy of being eliminated.  To preserve this important industry sales tool, the RV industry needs to launch a Congressional e-mail campaign TODAY.  We have only one week to influence the US Congress.
(See details below)

Please contact each of your association members and request that they participate in this campaign by sending an e-mail to their 2 Senators and 1 House member opposing the elimination of the second home mortgage interest deduction.

To initiate our e-mail campaign, RVIA sent the letter below to its membership today directing them to an industry website called RVACT.  There is nothing on the website identifying it with RVIA.

You can send your association members to the website to compose and send a letter to their Congressional members.  After personalizing the template letter your members will be asked to enter their address. The system will use this address to automatically send the letter to their Representative and Senators without them having to know the names of their members of Congress and without them leaving the RVACT website.  The website has sample letters for manufactures/suppliers, dealers, any industry member and consumers to send or alter as desired.  If you would like to compose additional sample letters for any of these entities, send your sample Congressional letters to Monika Geraci at RVIA, mgeraci@rvia.org and she will post them on the website. The link I have included below will send your association members
directly to the “any industry member” formatted letter.

To initiate your association’s e-mail campaign, please feel free to forward the letter below or edit it in any way you see fit, then sign your name to it instead of leaving Richard Coon’s name on it. The most important item to include in the email to your members is the link to the RVACT website: http://www.rvact.com/rvact/issues/alert/?alertid=56555506

This is the link that connects to the “any industry member” formatted letter and that allows your members to
compose and send letters to their members of Congress.

I sent a similar e-mail to RVDA and other state associations.

Give me a call at either of the numbers below or drop me an e-mail if you want more information or need
something clarified.


Dianne Farrell
VP Gov’t Affairs
W 703 620-6003 X315
Cell 703 862-8322


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