RV Industry: Protect the RV Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

18 Nov

I imagine that many if not all of you have been reading about and are aware of the issue of the mortgage interest deduction.

Please take a moment to read the below.  I hope and trust that you will not find this offensive or an intrusion.  If nothing else I hope you find it interesting.  This is an important issue to the RV and RV Rental Industry.

I received this message from the RVIA.  I took the action as requested, it is very easy and quick to do.

Who knows if this will do any good.  It cannot hurt!

For those of you who remember the tax code change and what the affect was of that on our industry you can appreciate the potential enormity of the issue here.


The second home mortgage interest is in jeopardy of being eliminated.  To preserve this important industry sales tool, the RV industry needs to launch a Congressional e-mail campaign TODAY.  We have only one week to influence the US Congress.
(See details below)

Please contact each of your association members and request that they participate in this campaign by sending an e-mail to their 2 Senators and 1 House member opposing the elimination of the second home mortgage interest deduction.

To initiate our e-mail campaign, RVIA sent the letter below to its membership today directing them to an industry website called RVACT.  There is nothing on the website identifying it with RVIA.

You can send your association members to the website to compose and send a letter to their Congressional members.  After personalizing the template letter your members will be asked to enter their address. The system will use this address to automatically send the letter to their Representative and Senators without them having to know the names of their members of Congress and without them leaving the RVACT website.  The website has sample letters for manufactures/suppliers, dealers, any industry member and consumers to send or alter as desired.  If you would like to compose additional sample letters for any of these entities, send your sample Congressional letters to Monika Geraci at RVIA, mgeraci@rvia.org and she will post them on the website. The link I have included below will send your association members
directly to the “any industry member” formatted letter.

To initiate your association’s e-mail campaign, please feel free to forward the letter below or edit it in any way you see fit, then sign your name to it instead of leaving Richard Coon’s name on it. The most important item to include in the email to your members is the link to the RVACT website: http://www.rvact.com/rvact/issues/alert/?alertid=56555506

This is the link that connects to the “any industry member” formatted letter and that allows your members to
compose and send letters to their members of Congress.

I sent a similar e-mail to RVDA and other state associations.

Give me a call at either of the numbers below or drop me an e-mail if you want more information or need
something clarified.


Dianne Farrell
VP Gov’t Affairs
W 703 620-6003 X315
Cell 703 862-8322


6 Good Reasons to be in the Motorhome or Powersports Rental Business

17 Oct
  1. Generate additional positive cash flow
  2. Create your own clean used inventory
  3. Introduce potential customers to the RV / Motorcycle lifestyle
  4. Provide a service other dealers don’t
  5. Build interest in your dealership with a younger customer base
  6. Rentals drive sales!

For more help on getting started or for tips on improving your current operation, get in touch with the experts at MBA Insurance.

Bert Alanko of MBA Insurance Receives RVDA’s James B. Summers Award

17 Oct

Bert Alanko of MBA Insurance in Scottsdale, AZ, received the James B. Summers (JBS) Award during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo on Oct. 5. Alanko was honored for his long-time commitment and wide-ranging involvement in RVDA – the National RV Dealers Association and RVRA – the RV Rental Association.


Photo: Bert Alanko (center) with wife Jill (left), and Tim O'Brien

Alanko has served on the RVDA Board of Directors as RVRA chairman since 1991, making him the longest serving board member in the association’s history. He currently co-chairs the RVDA Membership Committee, has served on the Convention/Expo Committee, and his company supports the association through contributions to the RV Learning Center, advertising in RV Executive Today magazine, and as a convention/expo exhibitor and sponsor.

“Not only has Bert attended nearly every convention in the last 25 years, he has actively supported them in every way possible,” said RVDA President Mike Molino. “He is an active membership recruiter for the association and a valuable member of the RVDA Board of Directors.”

The JBS Award, created in 1986, is named in honor of RVDA’s second chief staff officer James B. Summers, who passed away in 2010. It is the highest award a member can receive for consistent and outstanding service to the association. The board of directors selects the winner each year by secret ballot from among nominations submitted by association members.

Read the full article at RVDA.org

We’re off to RVDA in Vegas!

3 Oct

Tis the season for trade shows!  We’re off to the RVDA show in Vegas.  Catch us at booth 15.

Where we are right now : In Vegas at the Profit Xcelerator Conference

27 Sep

See you in Vegas!


How to profit from RV / Motorhome Ownership

14 Sep

When I meet a new or potential RVer, one recommendation I make is for them to rent an RV before they purchase one. Renting an RV lets the consumer experience RVing firsthand and can be helpful in determining if RV ownership is right for them.

Something I never really considered though was producing additional income by renting your RV after you buy it. That was until the other day when I was talking to Bert Alanko, President of MBA Insurance. Bert explained that RV rentals by owners are growing in popularity, especially during tough economic times. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of using your RV whenever you like, but you can produce additional income when it would normally be sitting in storage.

“An RV rental business can be true entrepreneurship. Someone can start with one vehicle and stay small, renting out their vehicle. Or as has happened, start with one vehicle and end up being a full scale dealership with sales, service, rentals, a showroom and a complete service center.”

The thought of making additional income by renting the RV piqued my interest, so I started with the questions:

Q1: Do you provide rental insurance for individually owned RV’s?

Bert Alanko: Yes, we insure small, one unit, rental business to the larger 500 vehicle fleets.

Q2: What do you base the rates on for individually owned RV’s?

Bert Alanko: Our rates are based on the vehicle’s value and the geographical location of the RV. We write insurance in every state. MBA will provide an individual with the rental insurance necessary to cover the vehicle, the owner and the renter. It is very important if you are going to rent out your vehicle that you obtain the proper insurance coverage.

Q3: How would an individual learn what is required to properly rent their RV out?

Bert Alanko: We can provide the owner with state specific rental contracts, the check-in and check-out forms, and all the necessary forms that one has to have to start the business from the rental standpoint. They would need to contact local officials about any requirements from a business standpoint.

Q4: Is it difficult for an RV owner to learn and operate a small rental operation?

Bert Alanko: Not in my opinion. We also offer a Rental Operation Manual. This manual is a how-to book providing tips and suggestions that we have learned and are taught in our RV rental school. Yes, MBA puts on an annual RV rental school. This year will be our 12th annual rental school. It is taught by dealers who are currently in the RV rental business, and it’s a great way to learn the business.

Q5: Now for the big question! Is renting an RV profitable for an individual?

Bert Alanko: Renting an RV can be very profitable. Lots of folks make their monthly RV payment from income generated through renting their RV. I look at it like this; your RV isn’t making any money when it sits in storage, so why not put it to work for you.

Q6: Is there anything else you can add about renting an RV for an additional source of income?

Bert Alanko: MBA takes pride in not only selling the insurance – that is easy, but our specialty is providing the necessary information to our customers so they can make rentals profitable. Our insurance policy can be seasonal. One does not have to commit to a full year at a time. We have a wide range of programs to suit the needs of owners that are going to commit to rental on a long or short term basis.

Q7: Thanks for all of this great information Bert. Where can RV owners go for more information about renting their RV?

Bert Alanko: They can visit our website at www.mbainsurance.net or just call us toll-free in Arizona, 800- 622- 2201.

So there you have it. If you would like to try your hand at renting your RV when you aren’t using it contact the folks at MBA Insurance for more information.

The RV Insurance Crossword

13 Sep

Check this out.  Want to keep your premiums down on your RV Insurance? Tackle this crossword puzzle for some great tips.

RV Insurance Crossword Puzzle

RV Insurance Crossword Puzzle